Gym Circulation Bands



Are you in need of aid with your muscle recovery? These exercise circulation bands will help you with the support and assistance you need. Be sure to add these to your collection to up your game. They help increase your circulation and warm up your muscles, leading to relieving pain and accelerating recovery.

What do circulation bands do?

  • Aids recovery
  • Easy to carry
  • Simple to use
  • Increase circulation

What is the difference between a resistance band and a recovery band?

Resistance bands tend to be a lot shorter and are for more heavy lifting whereas resistance (circulation) bands are more purposeful for a lighter warm up.

Our gym mobility and recovery bands are made of high-quality 100% natural latex rubber and over 99.9% free of soluble proteins. If you are allergic to latex, please be cautious when using the product. The recovery compression bands will help you improve your movement efficiency, perfect for climbing, cross-fit training, and cardio.  The black band will provide regular compression whilst the red band is thicker and will offer an increased amount of compression for athletes with larger muscles or those that need to work deeper.

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