Liquid Gym Chalk 100ml


Liquid gym chalk can be used in all of your gym sessions to reduce sweating or improve grip.


It can be applied to the hands or feet to suit the dynamics of the exercise/sport, whether that's climbing, weight lifting, or gymnastics. Improve the overall performance and cleanliness of your activities when using our gym chalk.

The Benefits of buying Gym chalk

  • Substantial grip difference
  • 100ml
  • Easy to transport
  • Quick-drying

Our lifting chalk allows for dry hands producing you with a more efficient workout. Made up of a magnesium carbonate formula, this quick-dry gym chalk will give you a reliable grip (like our weight clips do on the bar), therefore enhancing your performance. Fulfilling you with the confidence needed to excel in your sport.

Liquid Chalk Vs Powdered Chalk

Gym chalk is a much better alternative to chalk blocks as not only are they messy, and they leave chalk on your gym equipment and clothes.

Gym blocks also allow chalk fibres to be inhaled when applied. We highly recommended using liquid chalk over chalk block as its overall usability and performance is far better. 

How to carry Gym Chalk

Use a small gym bag or tightly closed container to transport the chalk to and from the location in order to stop it from rubbing off all over yourself and your equipment.

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