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What are Ankle Straps for?

A multi-directional ankle strap is intended to use the cable pulley machines to enable a workout for your legs, hips and glutes. Featuring padding for maximum comfort and an adjustable velcro strap to fit any size. The metal D ring allows the ankle strap to be attached to any cable machine. 

Benefits of using Ankle Straps with your Gym Equipment

  • Comfortable 
  • One size fits all
  • Provides support and stability 
  • Portable

This convenient ankle strap for gym workouts helps improve strength, mobility, and flexibility within the lower body. The hard-wearing (like our weight clips), reinforced fabric means that it will flex under high tension, ensuring the user's safety. Also featuring a sleek royal blue and black colour-way to look neat and stylish. This particular ankle strap is ambidextrous, meaning you'll only need to purchase one for use on both legs. 

Exercises for Cable Machine Ankle Strap:

There are a vast amount of gym workouts that this ankle strap will enable you to achieve, for example:

Cable Lateral Lunges - Start with the strap attached to the cable machine and your ankle at the lowest possible height. Stand with your opposite shoulder facing the cable machine.

Make a large side step with the leg that's in the ankle strap. Your knee should bend into a flexed lunge position. Hold this for 1 second, slowly return to starting position and repeat 10 times. 

Cable Kick-Backs - Attach the strap to your ankle, keeping the cable pulley on the lowest setting.

Face and hold the machine using your arms to help balance. Extend the weighted leg backwards whilst keeping it as straight as possible. When fully extended, hold for 1 second and then slowly return to the start position. Repeat. 

You can do a few other workouts in a commercial or home gym including cable hamstring curls, cable hip abductors, cable forward leg extensions, weighted leg raises, weighted crunches, cable lunges, and inner thigh contractions.

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