Massage Foam Roller for Back/Neck


The perfect foam roller for lower back exercises and lower back stretches. Not only can it be used on your back but also great for legs too. It is key to help warm up OR warm down your muscles after a workout! Our high-quality foam roller hits into your deep tissue rapidly, helping recovery. Mainly used to target larger muscle groups, including the upper leg and back.

The Advantages of a Massage Foam Roller for your Back

  •  High Quality
  •  Perfect For Back, Neck and Legs 
  •  Comfortable 
  •  Durable (like our spiky massage ball)

Use your foam roller pre-workout to release toxins into your muscles which will help prevent injuries and train harder. The roller is made of comfortable foam to ensure you have top-level comfort. No one knows better than you exactly where you are feeling tense and how much pressure you need. Massage those tender muscles and eliminate your aches and pains.

How to use a foam roller

  • To begin with, make sure you pinpoint the area of soreness or tightness; once you know where you will target, control your body as you slowly lower the targeted area over the roller.
  • Now lower the body onto our trigger point foam roller until you hit the point of discomfort; you can decide whether you want to hold it there for 20 - 30 seconds or roll back and forth to stimulate the area. It is completely up to you.
  • Be sure to experiment with the adjustments to your body position to find which works best for you!

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