Weight Clips For Barbell


Are you tired of going to a gym and having no clips that will stay on your bar? or even just having no clips to use in general. With the grip of a guerrilla, you know your plates will not be falling off of your bar and a quick-release mechanism, that allows the user to swap weights quickly.

Advantages of using our Weight Clips

  • Strong
  • High quality
  • Easy to carry
  • High strength nylon

The simple barbell clamps will lock securely into place, ensuring you have a safe lift. The weight clips for barbell are perfect for CrossFit workouts, standard lifts, overhead press, deadlifts and bench press.

They are user friendly and are simple and convenient to operate, load and lock into place. The quick-release mechanism allows the user to remove the barbell collar clips and swap your weights effortlessly. The clips are made from extremely high impact, moulded polyester, not like the cheap, rubbery, plastic jaw style clamps.

Why Use Barbell Clips

Not so much why you should use barbell clips as the main purpose is to stop the weights from falling off. Using the collar clips provides you with a sturdier hold and easy release, which leads to you swapping weights quicker and safer. 

Veteran gym users will always attest to using these. This is normal because when they were less experienced and didn't care too much about safety, lifting weights and injuries were caused unintentionally. The fact of the matter is most people have lifted without them before, but it only takes one false move or a bit of imbalance to cause an embarrassing moment and a potential hospital trip.

It can seem like there's nothing to worry about when you inspect the bar and the plates seem secure enough and 'immovable', but what you don't realise is, inch by inch, they start to move to the side. And let's face it, not many people are stopping every rep from keeping an eye on the positions!

Some of the gym equipment that T360 Sport sells is genuinely purely just for comfort and enhances an experience rather than protecting body parts. One example of this would be the ankle strap for cable machines, which offers great padding, but won't keep gym floors safe and stop the plates from rattling in the midst of a heavy set!

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