Deep Tissue Spiky Massage Ball


A deep tissue spiky massage ball that really hits the spot when it comes to recovery! If you need help to repair your muscles and speed up your muscle recovery, then this ball is perfect for you. The spiky massage ball can even be used on your most sensitive areas, such as your neck and the arches of your feet.

  • Easy to use 
  • Effective muscle recovery
  • Travel friendly 
  • Durable

Spiky Massage Ball which is perfect for Neck recovery

This trigger point massage ball is made from a hardwearing dense material, perfect for getting deep into your muscle tissue. This will help stimulate the muscle to increase blood flow whilst decreasing recovery time. The spiky massage ball can be used pre-workout to relieve any tension to prepare your muscles or post-workout to release muscle tension you may have built up. One side of the ball features rounded protrusions designed to mirror a massage therapists' fingertips, perfect for beginners or injury recovery. The other side of the ball features more spiky protrusions for a deeper, more intense tissue massage. 

Size - 8cm diameter 

How to use the Spiky Massage Ball

To begin, you will need a solid flat surface, e.g. a wall or the floor. Using your chosen flat surface, place the ball between your affected area and the flat surface. Roll vertically, horizontally and diagonally until you find your trigger point. This will be the tightest and most tender spot. Once you have located the spot, really work at it in a small hard motion in all directions. Sometimes you might find this is too uncomfortable, don't worry. Massage around the trigger point until it feels loose enough to work it.

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